21st century

2002: The interstellar probe Nomad is launched.
2012: The world’s first self-sustaining civic environment, Millennium Gate, which became the model for the first habitat on Mars, completed in Portage Creek, Indiana.
2019: The opening skirmishes of what is alternately referred to as the Eugenics Wars or World War III depending upon the historian begins.
2026: Khan Noonien Singh seizes control of the DY-100, S.S. Botany Bay , an interplanetary sleeper ship, and flees Earth. (I don’t care what TOS said – I don’t recall no sleeper ships in ’96.)
2032: Ares-IV, a manned mission to Mars is launched. Zefram Cochrane is born
2037: The spaceship Charybdis makes an attempt to leave the solar system but is destroyed.
2053: World War III ends and the Earth is left devastated by the nuclear carnage of it.
2063: Zefram Cochrane makes the first human warp flight with the Phoenix. This attracts the Vulcans and they make first contact with humans.
2064-2068 A series of four ‘wars’ occur between humanity and the Kzinti species. In what was collectively known as the Earth-Kzin Wars, Kzin was always the aggressor and Earth was always the victor. Following the last of these wars, Vulcan asserts a more dominant role in their relationship with humanity.
2065: The SS Valiant is launched. It is one of the very first warp-capable Earth starships that is solely exploratory in nature.
2067: The unmanned interstellar warp probe Friendship 1 is launched.
2069: The colony ship SS Conestoga is launched. It will found the Terra Nova colony.
2079: Earth begins to fully recover from its nuclear war. The recovery is aided and partially organized by a newly established political entity called the European Hegemony.

22nd century

2103: Earth colonizes Mars.
2111: Jonathan Beckett Archer is born in upstate New York on Earth.
2119: Zefram Cochrane, who now is residing on Alpha Centauri, sets off for parts unknown and disappears. Some thought he was testing a new engine. After an exhaustive search, it is believed that Cochrane has died. He becomes one of the most famous missing people in history.
2142: Warp 2 Barrier broken by Commander Robinson in NX Alpha and Warp 2.5 achieved by Commander Archer in NX Beta
2145: Warp 3 Broken by Commander Duvall in NX Delta
2150: Keel laid for NX-01 Enterprise
2151: NX-01 Enterprise launched from Earth.
2153: Xindi attack on Earth. NX-01 Enterprise dispatched to the Delphic Expanse to resolve this crisis.
2155: Last known human contact with Klingon Empire following the latter’s withdrawal behind their borders to resolve the “Smooth-Head Plague.” Attempts to open negotiations with the Empire inevitably resulted in the complete disappearance of the diplomat involved.
2156–2160: The Earth-Romulan War is fought between United Earth and its allies, and the Romulan Star Empire. The war ends in a stalemate though the Romulans are defeated at the Battle of Cheron. The Romulan Neutral Zone is established.
2161: The United Federation of Planets is founded by Earth, Tellar, Andoria, and Vulcan.
2167: First Contact with Trill
2170: NCC-36 Telemachus launches under the command of Travis Mayweather.
2176-2180: The First Orion Conflict. This is a series of small-scale, high-intensity skirmishes between the UFP and the Orion Syndicate over trading practices. Starfleet begins slavery interdiction operations.
2182-2184: The Second Orion Conflict. Also known as the Nausicaan Crisis due to heavy use of Nausicaan mercenaries by the Syndicate . The United Federation of Planets asserts its authority in the so-called “Orion Sector.”
2184: Jonathan Archer is elected president of the United Federation of Planets.
2190: The Bonaventure-class is deployed. It will eventually supplant the NX-class as the most prominent Starfleet vessel.
2191: The Third Orion Conflict, although it is better known as the Second Nausicaan Crisis as Starfleet did not have hard evidence that the Orion Syndicate was ultimately responsible for a dramatic uptick of piracy along UFP borders until late in the conflict. A major reprisal raid led by and consisting mostly of Andorians cripples the Orion Syndicate and leads to a significant loss of life. The officers responsible are censured for their actions and are encouraged to resign from Starfleet. The more peaceful members of the UFP, like the Vulcans, suggest that the leniency shown to these officers is an indication that UFP President Archer condones their actions.
2192: Jonathan Archer steps downs as UFP president.
2199: All remaining NX-classes are rotated to cadre or border patrol duties.
2202: First Contact with Betazed.
2203: CDR Donovan Ford is given command of the NCC-36 Telemachus. There are many rumors that his reassignment is to avoid further difficulties with Betazed following an unusual First Contact.


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