Sb 12

Starbase 12 was a Federation starbase in the Gamma 400 system and was close to the planets Mab-Bu VI, Pollux IV, Risa and the Ceti Alpha system. Originally an Orion facility, Starbase 12 was seized in 2167 by Starfleet following a series of Orion Syndicate slaving raids upon Federation territory. Over the course of that year, Fleet Commander Uttan Narsu turned the facility into his base of operations without Federation Council approval (although they would later, retroactively, grant him permission to do so.) Modern historians point to the seizure of this facility as one of the many incidents that led to the First Orion Conflict in 2176.

Throughout its entire career, the USS Telemachus has been assigned to Starbase 12 and it was on this facility that Travis Mayweather, then executive officer for the USS Essex, was promoted to captain. He would later command Telemachus for ten years, and would officially retire from Starfleet at this Starbase as well.

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