Patrol skiff 01

Originally developed by as an augmented “assault shuttle” for use in planetside skirmishes, the Morgan-Class Patrol Skiff was the brainchild of retired Starfleet captain, Jack Morgan, who barely survived a crash during the Second Orion Conflict when his ’pod was shot down by Nausicaan fighters. The Patrol Skiff saw limited use during the Third Orion Conflict and has not entered widespread use in Starfleet because of its unmistakably aggressive design.

Faster than a standard shuttlepod thanks to its significantly larger drive, the Morgan is not as maneuverable thanks to the heavier armor protecting it. As an assault shuttle, it is also much more heavily armed, with a pair of phase cannons – one fixed forward, one turreted – although against a dedicated combat vessel like the Nausicaan corsair, it is easily outgunned. Fewer personnel can fit inside the Morgan than a standard shuttlepod – standard configuration for the patrol skiff is one pilot, one gunner/sensor, and three passengers, with standing room for perhaps three others. Compared to the standard shuttlepod, the range of the Patrol Skiff is also greatly extended, which has led it to finding some limited use as system patrol or customs inspections.

The benefits of the Morgan are quickly outweighed by the drawbacks. In addition to being capable of supporting fewer personnel, the patrol skiff is prone to breakdown and requires constant upkeep and maintenance. Due to the presence of heavier weapon systems and extensive hull polarization systems, the Morgan also consumes power at a rate ten to fifteen times faster than a standard shuttlepod.


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