Federation Deepspace Research and Listening Facility 39

Vanguard 02

This “Vigilance” class listening post was designed as a deep-space station that could serve a variety of functions. The small outpost is just over 160 feet tall and houses a permanent crew of 10. There are also barracks and facilities provided for 16 additional personnel or guests.

Constructed following the most recent skirmish with the Orion Syndicate, these facilities were intended to serve as visible reminders of the Federation’s presence. Originally, the intent was to place such stations in every major system within the UFP sphere of influence, but budget cuts led to such a proposal fall out of favor. In recent years, some of these stations – such as Station 39 – have been pressed into service as research facilities that conduct esoteric experiments far from civilized space, thus ensuring the safety of local citizens.

The power core at the bottom of the station produces a steady pulse of blue-white light when in operation, causing some to compare the outpost to an inverted lighthouse. Other, less kind observers liken it to a brown, metal mushroom hanging in the void.

Federation Deepspace Research and Listening Facility 39

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