A Betazoid Female

The Betazoids are a telepathic humanoid civilization originating from the planet Betazed, and have recently become members of the United Federation of Planets. As of 2210, Betazoid telepathic abilities are still a closely held secret.


Externally, Betazoids are physically indistinguishable from Humans in every aspect but one: the irises of their eyes are completely black. It is believed that they are capable of easily cross-breeding with Humans, although this has not yet been confirmed yet.

Telepathic Abilities

Betazoids are natural telepaths, an ability centered in their paracortex, with psilosynine being a main neurotransmitter. Most develop their telepathic skill in adolescence, but a few are born with their telepathic abilities already active. These individuals are almost always extremely talented and powerful in telepathic terms, but also unable to screen out the noise of other people’s minds, so they generally suffer mental problems of varying severity depending mostly on when the problem was diagnosed. On the other end of the scale are a few individuals who develop psionic abilities which are far below average for this species. Those Betazoids are barely able to sense even strong emotions (empaths) of other people, not to speak of thoughts.

The common psionic abilities of Betazoids extend from sensing thoughts and/or emotions, over projecting thoughts and/or emotions, to manipulating the minds of others. How capable they are in performing any of those feats depends somewhat on their genetically defined psionic strength, their psionic training, their familiarity with the scanned being, their general mental and physical condition and the species of the subject race.

Culture and Tradition

Due to their telepathy, Betazoid culture embraces honesty almost to a point considered rude by other cultures.

While eating, Betazoids express thanks for their food by ringing a gong at intervals.

Betazed has a complex hereditary nobility that is still not entirely comprehended by sister members of the UFP. Betazoid tradition has children genetically bonded to a future spouse.

The Betazoid wedding ceremony is seen as a celebration of love, therefore all participants (bridegroom and guests) are traditionally nude.

Betazoid society is clearly matriarchal, although great strides in equality have been made in recent generations.


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