An Andorian Female

The Andorians are a humanoid species from the moon Andoria, homeworld of the Andorian Empire, and one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets.


Most Andorians are blue-skinned with white or silver hair. An Andorian subspecies called the Aenar has white skin and, unlike blue Andorians, are blind and telepathic. Andorians and Aenar are genetically compatible and can produce offspring.

Andorians, with a higher metabolic rate than Terrans, are especially vulnerable to phase pulse infection; even minor phase injuries can prove fatal. However, they have demonstrated resistance to a wide range of environmental conditions. In a climate where the temperature is near the boiling point of water, an Andorian can still thrive, despite losing 10% of their body weight in two days.

Since Andorian physiology makes intravenous injection impossible, physicians administer medication through intramuscular injection instead.


Andorians have two supercranial antennae that aid in balance. If one is lost – a humiliating experience – an Andorian becomes partially disabled in the short term, and unable to fight, but could adapt to its loss within a day. Antennae take up to nine months to regrow, though electrical stimulation and cranial massage therapy could cut regeneration time in half.


Andorians are a militaristic race, exemplified in small part by weaponry without stun settings, though this has been tempered somewhat since the formation of the UFP. They consider it an honor to serve in their Imperial Guard, which serves as the equivalent of homeworld defense, and would-be Starfleet members must first serve a term in the Guard. Military rank – whether Imperial Guard or Starfleet – greatly influences social reputation. Deploring dishonesty — and never fighting without reason — Andorians are nonetheless capable of duplicity. They consider themselves deeply emotional, passionate, even violent; not known for their charity or sympathy, they place a high value on family. Imperial Guard or Starfleet members who die far from home can count on their companions to transport a body part back to the Andorian ices.

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