An Aenar Male

The Aenar (pronounced EE-nar) are a humanoid race native to the Northern Wastes of Andoria, and a subspecies of the Andorians. Their population, during the early-23rd century, consists of only a few thousand.


The Aenar are physiologically very similar to the Andorians, which is reflected in their genome. Like Andorians, they have two antennae sprouting from their heads, although the antennae of the Aenar have small indentations in the funnel shaped tips. The Aenar are completely blind yet have the ability to “see”, and all have no skin or hair pigment, resulting in a pale white appearance similar to Human albinos. The most distinctive trait of the Aenar, however, are their highly evolved telepathic abilities. An Aenar is capable of reading minds and of psychically projecting itself to other humanoids. They use telepathy to communicate amongst themselves. They are genetically compatible with Andorians.


The Aenar of the 23rd century live in an underground compound on Andoria, shielded by a dampening field. The Aenar have no leader, but appoint a de facto leader, or speaker, if a situation warrants it. Aenar have a strict law against reading the minds of other people without prior consent. They have a strictly pacifist ideology, and deplore violence.

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