Phaser Rifle

The Standard Issue Rifle for Starfleet Marines

weapon (ranged)

Has two settings:
— Stun (HT-3 aff): A hit requires a HT roll to resist at the penalty noted for the weapon. Add +3 beyond 1/2D range (30), and +1 per 5 DR the victim has at the point struck. If he fails, he suffers the Unconsciousness (p. B429) incapacitating condition for minutes equal to the margin of failure on his HT roll. The beam is narrow enough that if a limb or extremity is hit, it is incapacitated

— Kill, type: burn; dmg 5d(5)

Acc is 8, Wt 6 lbs, RoF 5, Shots 200 (2), Bulk -6, Rcl 1


The phase rifles were a type of hand-held phase-modulated energy weapon in use by Earth’s Starfleet and Earth Cargo Service personnel and the MACO forces in the 22nd and early 23rd century.

The plasma rifles also known as pulse rifles were the standard-issue carbine weapons on Starfleet and Earth Cargo Authority starships. The Enterprise NX-01 and ECS Fortunate were equipped these weapons. The pulse rifles had the capability of firing both plasma bullets and a beam with an adjustable level from stun to the kill setting.

Phaser Rifle

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