Phase Pistol, Mk IV

Principal Sidearm of Starfleet

weapon (ranged)

Has two settings:
— Stun (HT-2 aff): A hit requires a HT roll to resist at the penalty noted for the weapon. Add +3 beyond 1/2D range (30), and +1 per 5 DR the victim has at the point struck. If he fails, he suffers the Unconsciousness (p. B429) incapacitating condition for minutes equal to the margin of failure on his HT roll. The beam is narrow enough that if a limb or extremity is hit, it is incapacitated

— Kill, type: burn; dmg 3d(5)

Acc is 5, Wt 2lbs, RoF 2, Shots 60


“There are two settings: stun and kill. It would be best not to confuse them.”
- Malcolm Reed, 2151

The phase pistol was a type of phase-modulated energy weapon, a personal sidearm characterized by a focused energy discharge in the form of a beam or steady stream. It was introduced in 2151 for use aboard Starfleet vessels and, with minor modifications throughout the years, is still the principal weapon used by the United Federation of Planets.

Unlike its predecessor, the EM-33, the phase pistol was equipped with an adjustable setting, allowing the user to choose from either “stun” or, in extreme cases, “kill.” While these settings were most commonly used and more readily available, the weapon was capable of an even wider range of output and could be adjusted to a ten megajoule setting (albeit with some internal modification). Also unlike the EM-33, which required the user to compensate for particle drift, the phase pistol was a simple point-and-shoot weapon, making hitting a desired target faster and easier.

The effects of a phase pistol hit also differed from those experienced with other weapons of that era. 22nd century Suliban and Coridan weapons inflicted identifiable wounds, tearing through clothing and into the victim’s flesh. The phase pistol, however, produced an injury more comparable to an electric shock, capable of causing severe injury without breaking the skin.

In addition to use as a weapon, the phase pistol was also utilized as a cutting tool, capable of slicing through solid rock, a tree trunk, or producing a heat ray.

Phase pistols could also be used as explosives when set to overload; the subsequent explosion causing severe damage in a larger area.

Phase Pistol, Mk IV

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