Environmental suit


An environmental suit, also known as an EV suit or pressure suit, is a special form of clothing designed to be used for protection or life support in inhospitable environments. Physically, the EV suit has not changed much in appearance from the Romulan War.

An environment suit covers the whole body, including a rigid, removable helmet and life support pack. It’s usually festooned with exterior pockets, sticky patches, straps, and hooks for access to equipment, plus at least two lifeline hooks for safety when outside a vessel. The suit has a backmounted life-support pack (LSP), which provides heat regulation, cooling, and energy for the suit’s systems. It also includes an air tank with a 12-hour air supply. The suit has built-in biomedical sensors (UT p. 187). It is sealed with the addition of a vacc suit helmet (UT p. 180), providing climate control (-459° F to 250°F) (UT p. 171), pressure support (UT p. 171) up to 10 atmospheres, radiation protection (PF 2) (UT p. 171), and vacuum support (UT p. 171). A vacc suit takes 30 seconds to put on or take off, though this time can be halved with a successful Vacc Suit skill roll.

The suit covers all locations provides DR 6 (flexible), weighs 15 pounds, and has power of 2C/36hr. The legality class of this suit is 4.


Environmental suit

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