O-4/LCDR T'Lessa

Chief Engineering Officer, NCC-36


Daughter of Ambassador T’Pol and her husband, Sodok, a Vulcan merchant of which little is known about. T’Lessa is one of the very few actively serving Vulcans in Starfleet. As is the case with the others of her species, her Starfleet rank of lieutenant commander is actually a formal fiction, as she is technically a member of the Vulcan Science Academy who is on semi-permanent loan to the United Federation of Planets. In the year plus that she has served aboard Telemachus, she has raised many eyebrows with her idiosyncrasies – her taste in clothing, for example, runs toward bright pastels and she has shown flashes of reserved humor that mark her as different from the more bland members of her species.

Curiously, when questioned about her choice of career, she has remarked mysteriously that she has followed in her father’s footsteps…

O-4/LCDR T'Lessa

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