E-7/CPO Delgado

Deck Chief, NCC-36


A veteran deck chief, Fernando Delgado has served in Starfleet for nearly ten years. His grades were never sufficiently high to gain a place at Starfleet Academy, but Delgado came from a long line of enlisted personnel – his grandfather served aboard Endeavour during the Romulan War, and his parents had actually met while serving aboard the Lexington – so he saw nothing wrong with that. After all, it is the chiefs who keep Starfleet running, as the saying goes.

Considered an expert on the design and maintenance of the Morgan-class Patrol Skiff, he was reassigned to Federation Deepspace Research Facility 39 at the direct request of the station’s new commanding officer, with whom Delgado had previously served.

Currently, Chief Petty Officer Delgado has been assigned to detached duty upon the USS Telemachus following the incident with FDR-39.

E-7/CPO Delgado

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