O-1/ENS Aceves

Damage Control Officer, NCC-36


Carlos Aceves (155 points)

ST 10 0; DX 12 40; IQ 12 40; HT 11 10.
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10 0; Will 12 0; Per 14 0; FP 11 0.
Basic Speed 5.75 0; Basic Move 5 0; Block 7 (DX); Dodge 8; Parry 9 (DX).

Social Background
TL: 10 0.
CF: Western (Native) 0.
Languages: English (Native) 0.

Artificer 1 10; Extra Perception 2 (Affects displayed Per score) 10; Fit 5; Rank (Military) 3 15; Resistant (Disease) (Occasional) (+3) 3; Seniority 1 0; Social Regard (Respected) 3 15.

Code of Honor (Star Fleet) [-10]; Duty (“Starfleet Security Special Projects”) (6 or less (quite rarely)) (Involuntary) [-7]; Duty (Star Fleet) (15 or less (almost always)) [-15]; Pacifism (Reluctant Killer) [-5]; Secret (Did some less than legal work for “Starfleet Security” while at Academy) (Imprisonment or Exile) [-20]; Sense of Duty (Academy buddies) (Small Group) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Federation) (Large Group) [-10].
Quirks: _Unused Quirk 2; _Unused Quirk 3; _Unused Quirk 4; _Unused Quirk 5; Dislikes people assuming that since he has Latin American heritage, he speaks Spanish. He doesn’t. [-5].

Administration-11 (IQ-1) 1; Astronomy/TL10-10 (IQ-2) 1; Beam Weapons/TL10 (Pistol)-12 (DX+0) 1; Computer Operation/TL10-12 (IQ+0) 1; Diplomacy-10 (IQ-2) 1; Electronics Operation (Transporter)-12 (IQ+0) 2; Electronics Operation (Tricorder)-12 (IQ+0) 2; Expert Skill (Operations (Space))-11 (IQ-1) 2; Expert Skill (Xenology)-10 (IQ-2) 1; First Aid/TL10 (Human)-12 (IQ+0) 1; Free Fall-12 (DX+0) 2; History (Recent Federation)-10 (IQ-2) 1; Inventor!-15 (IQ+3) 48; Judo-12 (DX+0) 4; Law (Federation Military)-10 (IQ-2) 1; Leadership-11 (IQ-1) 1; Navigation/TL10 (Space)-11 (IQ-1) 1; Physics/TL10-10 (IQ-2) 2; Piloting/TL12 (Shuttlecraft)-11 (DX-1) 1; Research/TL10-11 (IQ-1) 1; Savoir-Faire (Military)-12 (IQ+0) 1; Shiphandling/TL12 (Starship (Warp Powered))-10 (IQ-2) 1; Spacer/TL10-13 (IQ+1) 2; Strategy (Space)-10 (IQ-2) 1; Survival (Jungle)-12 (Per-1) 1; Tactics-10 (IQ-2) 1; Vacc Suit/TL10-12 (DX+0) 2.


Native of Pennsylvania, Carlos joined Starfleet at the first opportunity. He sought to escape from the constant pressure from his family to go into academia. Carlos always excelled at the sciences, but he wanted to actually make things, or at least make them work, rather than researching and testing being his main focus. He also wanted the opportunity to travel freely without having to be concerned with producing grant applications and funding reports to keep his research going. Star Fleet gave him that and allowed him to exercise his curiosity on cutting edge tech.

During his first year at the Academy, he was enlisted to assist something called “Special Projects” and it wasn’t until he was midway through the first bit of extracurricular activity that he realized what he was doing wasn’t exactly legal, though he found the engineering subject matter exciting. At first the exact placement of the divide between lawful and unlawful research concerned him, but the opportunity to do meaningful work for an entity that both worked for the greater good of the Federation and identified him as a prime candidate combined to keep his head in the work and out of the legality. Of course, being sane, he did spend some time figuring out some basic legal principles, in his spare time.

It has been about six months since he last interacted with any member of “Special Projects” (of which he’s found no official documentation). In the meantime, Carlos is excited to be setting out on the Telemachus and not sure if he wants to continue doing extracurricular work for “Special Projects”. This is exactly the kind of ‘grey area’ that his father was always so concerned about whenever Carlos brought up the possibility of going into Star Fleet. Carlos now wonders how, with all that worry from his father, he got himself mixed up with “Special Projects”. If he doesn’t want to continue, he’s not sure that they will let him go now that he’s exposed himself to them. Carlos could almost hear his father telling him, “I told you so.”

Update: Due to injuries sustained during action, Carlos has been temporarily reassigned to Starbase 12 where he is undergoing rehabilitation.

O-1/ENS Aceves

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